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【六级】"The yield is never going to be high," Farrant says, so these plants will be targeted not at Iowa farmers trying to squeeze more cash out of high-yield fields, but subsistence farmers who need help to survive a drought like the present one in South Africa


【六级】And the World Resources Institute WR in its World Resources 2005 report, issued at the end of August, produced several such examples from Africa and Asia; It also demonstrated that environmental degradation affects the poor more than the rich, as poorer p

世界资源研究所(World Resources Institute WR)在8月底发布的《2005年世界资源报告》(World Resources 2005 report)中,从非洲和亚洲列举了几个这样的例子;它还表明,环境退化对穷人的影响比富人更大,因为贫穷的p

【六级】historian Paul Lovejoy relates that the cultivation of kola nuts in West Africa is hundreds of years old.

历史学家保罗·洛夫乔伊(Paul Lovejoy)说,西非的科拉坚果种植已有数百年的历史。

【六级】Named after a river that passes through the Congo, the Ebola virus originally manifested itself in the interior of Africa in 1976.


【六级】According to data gathered by Harvard Law School professor Lani Guinier, the most selective schools are more likely to choose blacks who have at least one immigrant parent from Africa or the Caribbean than black students who are descendants of American slaves.

根据哈佛法学院教授拉尼·吉尼耶(Lani Guinier)收集的数据,与美国奴隶后裔的黑人学生相比,最挑剔的学校更可能选择父母至少有一位来自非洲或加勒比的移民的黑人学生。

【六级】What we see today is the product of evolutionary events resulting from the dispersal of a few human populations out of Africa around 60, 000 to 70, 000 years ago.


【考研】In South Africa, an HIV-prevention initiative known as LoveLife recruits young people to promote safe sex among their peers.


【六级】They include the United States, Austria, Costa rica, South Africa and Germany.


【六级】He was assassinated in Central Africa.


【六级】Demographers (人口统计学者) reckon that three-quarters of humanity could be city-dwelling by 2050, with most of the increase coming in the fast-growing towns of Asia and Africa.

人口学家(人口统计学者) 据估计,到2050年,四分之三的人口将居住在城市,其中大部分增长将来自亚洲和非洲快速发展的城镇。

【六级】In West Africa, people have long chewed kola nuts as stimulants, because they contain caffeine that also occurs naturally in tea, coffee, and chocolate.


【六级】It really made it possible for us to continue along the path toward modern humans in Africa.


【考研】In South Africa, an HIV-prevention initiative known as Lovelife recruits young people to promote safe sex among their peers.


【四级】with the exception of South Africa, the only light rail metro system in sub-Saharan Africa is in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


【高考】Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa, climbing it is no small task, especially for a group of seven who are all disabled in some way.


【六级】Food security and fortunes depend on sufficient rain, and nowhere more so than in Africa, where 96% of farmland depends on rain instead of the irrigation common in more developed places.


【四级】But while height has increased around the world, the trend in many countries of north and sub-Saharan Africa causes concern, says Riboli.


【六级】In the rusty red deserts of South Africa, steep-sided rocky hills called inselbergs rear up from the plains like the bones of the earth.


【高考】Europe has only around 200 languages; the Americas about 1000; Africa 2400; and asia and the pacific perhaps 3200, of which papua new guinea alone accounts for well over 800.


【六级】Biologist Jill Farrant of the University of Cape Town in South Africa says that nature has plenty of answers for people who want to grow crops in places with unpredictable rainfall.

南非开普顿大学的生物学家Jill Farrant说,大自然对那些想在不可预知降雨的地方种植庄稼的人有很多答案。