英音 [ənd]   美音 [ænd]  
单词释义 纠错+ 生词本
怎么记 纠错 +补充
and 一般用于肯定句
or 一般用于否定句
and so on ……等等
in and out 进进出出
and all 等等
Read slowly and loudly, please.
You and me,we are friends.
Tom and Jarry are from Beijing.

【六级】The British traveler Charles Thompson spoke for many Grand Tourists when in 1744 he described himself as being impatiently desirous of viewing a country so famous in history, a country which once gave laws to the world, and which is at present the greatest school of music and painting, contains the noblest productions of sculpture and architecture, and is filled with cabinets of rarities, and collections of all kinds of historical relics.

1744年,英国旅行家查尔斯·汤普森(Charles Thompson)为许多著名游客代言,他说自己迫不及待地想参观一个历史上如此著名的国家,一个曾经为世界制定法律的国家,一个目前最伟大的音乐和绘画流派,拥有最高贵的雕塑和建筑作品,里面摆满了珍品柜和各种历史文物的收藏品。

【高考】Also explores philosophy and wellbeing to make sure young readers have a balanced take on life.


【考研】All he needs to do is shell our $30 for paternity testing kit ( ' , PTK) at his local drugstore - and another $120 to get the results.


【六级】They had enough travel and outdoor-life experience.


【四级】The report says America's urbanization will continue to be the most significant issue affecting the industry, as cities across the country imitate the walkability and transit-oriented development making cities like New York and San Francisco so successful.


【四级】I had spent two years cultivating this community, and it had become successful very fast, within six months, but I was facing the prospect of losing it all.


【四级】Leigh Thompson of Kellogg School of Management in Illinois warns that, Teams are not always the answer—teams may provide insight, creativity and knowledge in a way that a person working independently cannot; but teamwork may also lead to confusion, delay and poor decision-making.

伊利诺伊州凯洛格管理学院(Kellogg School of Management)的利·汤普森(Leigh Thompson)警告说,团队并不总是解决问题的答案团队可能以独立工作的人无法提供的方式提供洞察力、创造力和知识;但团队合作也可能导致混乱、延误和糟糕的决策。

【考研】It is only in recent years that we hear It is only in recent years that we hear the more honest argument that predators are members of the community, and that no special interest has the right to exterminate them for the sake of a benefit ,real or fancied ,to itself.


【高考】A restaurant in Spain uses a foodie to "re-create forms and pieces" of food that are "exactly the same, " freeing cooks to complete other tasks.


【六级】Researchers who share get plenty of personal benefits, including more connections with colleagues, improved visibility and increased citations.


【考研】We are fortunate that is it, because new educational systems there and putting enough people through them to improve economic performance would require two or three generations.


【六级】While Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday all saw record spending online, in-store sales plunged over the holiday weekend.


【考研】Such food service operators range from snack machines to large institutional catering ventures, but most of these businesses are known in the trade as “horeca”: hotels, restaurants and cafes.


【六级】Social scientists say the differences arise in part because low-income parents have less money to spend on music class or preschool, and less flexible schedules to take children to museums or attend school events.


【四级】Apart from the specific trends highlighted above, which cause some investors to worry, the report portrays an overall optimism borne by the recent healthy real-estate upcycle and improving economy.


【六级】These designers established the modem dress code, letting playsuits and other activewear outfits suffice for casual clothing, allowing pants to enter the wardrobe, and prizing rationalism and versatility in dress, in contradiction to dressing for an occasion or allotment of the day.


【四级】Feeling the need to change, Leah started playing with future possibilities by exploring her interests and developing new capabilities.


【四级】Some team members find it hard to agree on questions like membership and the team's purpose.


【考研】We are even farther removed from the unfocused newspaper review published in England between the turn of the 20th century and the eve of World War Ⅱ, at a time when newsprint was dirt-cheap and stylish arts criticism was considered an ornament to the publications in which it appeared.

我们与20世纪之交至第二次世界大战前夕在英国发表的不受关注的报纸评论相去甚远Ⅱ, 在新闻纸极其廉价和时尚的时代,艺术批评被认为是出版物的装饰品。

【考研】In facts, the more new things we try- the more we step outside our comfort zone - the more inherently creative we become, both in the workplace and in our personal lives.