英音 [əˈmerɪkən]   美音 [əˈmerɪkən]  
单词释义 纠错+ 生词本
怎么记 纠错 +补充
n.美国人, 美洲人;adj.美国的, 美洲的【根】-an 表示“人”的名词字尾,此型也多可作为形容词使用 变化型-ian,-ean
american a 美洲的 n. 美洲人
american a 美洲的 n. 美洲人
spartan n 斯巴达人
roman a 罗马的 n . 罗马人
partisan n 党徒(party党派)
artisan n 手工艺人(artist艺术家+an)
republican a 共和国的 n.共和党人
amphibian a 两栖动物(的)(amphi二个+bl生命+an)
urban a 城市的(urb城市,参考:suburb郊区,aub+urb)
suburban a 郊区的
ruffian n 恶棍(ruff凶残+ian)
cicilian n 平民(civil人民的)
custodian n 管理员(custody监管)

【六级】The decline in American Indian languages has historical roots.


【考研】American farmers have been complaining of labor shortages for several years.


【考研】Despite trade competition and outsourcing, American manufacturing still needs to replace tens of thousands of retiring boomers every years.


【考研】One reason why it is hard to design and teach such courses is that they cut across the insistence by top American universities that "liberal-arts education and professional education should be kept separate, taught in different schools".


【六级】It's a fact not lost on American educators, who amid rising math failure rates are debating how math can better meet the real-life needs of students.


【考研】“The Heart of the Matter,” the just-released report by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences ( ' , AAAS), deserves praise for affirming the importance of the humanities and social sciences to the prosperity and security of liberal democracy in America.


【六级】President Barack Obama declared in a speech last month to the Center for American Progress.


【高考】She encouraged a sense of community社区 by creating shelters and promoting education and services for people in need in 1931, addams became the first American woman to win the nobel peace prize.

她鼓励社区意识社区 亚当斯在1931年为有需要的人建立庇护所,促进教育和服务,成为第一位获得诺贝尔和平奖的美国妇女。

【考研】From career to community and family, these contrasts suggest that in the aftermath of the searing Great Recession, those just starting out in life are defining priorities and expectations that will increasingly spread through virtually all aspects of Amer


【考研】Working with the American Statistical Association, the journal has appointed seven experts to astatistics board of reviewing editors( ' , SBoRE).


【考研】In his Case Study House, Ralph Rapson may have mispredicted just how the mechanical revolution would impact everyday life—few American families acquired helicopters, though most eventually got clothes dryers—but his belief that self-sufficiency was both d

在他的案例研究室,拉尔夫·拉普森(Ralph Rapson)可能错误预测了机械革命对日常生活的影响。很少有美国家庭获得了直升机,尽管大多数家庭最终获得了干衣机,但他认为自给自足的信念是错误的

【六级】We believe that the number of people who fit that definition includes the majority of American workers, which prompted us to begin a study of workaholism in the U.S..


【高考】I myself went through this searching process and found something that has changed my experience at college for the better: I discovered asl-American sign language.


【考研】Working with the American Statistical Association, the journal has appointed seven experts to a statistics board of reviewing editors.


【考研】Then there's the fact that large American companies are much more globalized than ever before, with supply chains spread across a larger number of countries.


【高考】For most of the last century, the car represented what it meant to be American—going forward at high speed to find new worlds.


【考研】France's planned tax is a clear warning: Unless a broad consensus can be reached on reforming the international tax system, other nations are likely to follow suit, and American companies will face a cascade of different taxes from dozens of nations that


【六级】American parents, whether rich or poor, have similar expectations of their children despite different ways of parenting.


【高考】Benjamin west, the father of American painting, showed his talent for art when he was only six years of age.

美国绘画之父本杰明·韦斯特(Benjamin west)在六岁时就展示了他的艺术天赋。

【六级】American universities, despite their global reputation for excellence in teaching, have only begun to demonstrate what they can produce in real-world learning.